Understanding Bankruptcy

Don't Be Scared--Here's What You'll Go Through: 

Bankruptcy basically involves the following steps, all of which I will arrange for you, and will probably take about 3 months to complete: 


1. You will have to go to a short credit counseling session online (about 90 minutes long)

2. You will have to get me certain documents such as pay advices, tax returns, and other documents

3. I will create and file your bankruptcy petition with the Federal Bankruptcy Court

3. We'll have to attend a meeting with a bankruptcy trustee (usually about 5-10 minutes long)

4. You'll have to take a two-hour online course in financial management


Lastly, we'll have to wait a couple of months for the bankruptcy to be final -- which is when your debt may be discharged, once and for all! 


As part of the filing, you will have to submit paper-work for a means-test. The document will require information from the IRS, U.S. Census, and even Health and Human Services--but don't worry, because I will do this part for you. I have the necessary software to run this test myself. This is part of the new bankruptcy law and is intended to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


First, We Have to Decide if Bankruptcy is Right for You

I can help you decide whether bankruptcy is the right path for you and ultimately file your bankruptcy if that is the path you choose. Bankruptcy is a responsible decision for many people who have circumstances that call for this action. Let's talk about it.


I am available for consultations 7 days a week at any time you need me. I do home visits if necessary. 


What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a tool for getting out of debt and getting a fresh start. The vast majority of people who file for bankruptcy are good, hard-working people. It is an option when someone’s debt are too high, given their income. There are many legitimate reasons why this could happen. You need someone to walk you through the process, who will respect you and how important this is to you. That is why I always keep in touch with you about your case, always call back as soon as possible, and meet with you personally.


How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Life? 

No More Sleepless Nights! I know better than anybody what is it like to lose sleep at night, worried you won’t be able to pay your bills. It is even worse when creditors start harassing you. Bankruptcy could put an end to all of that. Once you file, they are not allowed to even attempt to collect a debt.


Also, bankruptcy could put an end to:

  • Wage garnishments
  • Repossession of property
  • Foreclosures
  • Wage attachments
  • Collections law suits / actions
  • Utility shutdowns


Give me a call and we will talk about whether we can help you.


The vast majority of people are most likely going to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Chapter 7:

  • Often called a "liquidation" bankruptcy - ideal type to file when you don't have many or any assets because non-exempt assets are sold to pay creditors (however, the Ohio exemption list is pretty extensive and I will advise you on what will happen before you file) 
  • Generally, this is the easier Chapter - it occurs over a relatively short time frame 
  • Eliminates most forms of “unsecured” debt (unsecured means that there is nothing the creditor can take from you if you don't pay—this mainly includes, credit cards, medical bills, personal loans)
  • Only available when you have a certain amount of income - call me for more information about whether you qualify 


Chapter 13:

  • Often called a "reorganization" bankruptcy - ideal when you are about to lose property and want to protect assets 
  • You'll have to go on a payment program - usually very affordable 
  • Rather than eliminate your debts, Chapter 13 consolidates then into an interest-free repayment plan of 3-5 years
  • Good fit for someone who has steady income—just not enough of it
  • Your co-signers get at least some form of protection as well
  • Could possibly stop foreclosures and repossessions 

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Bankruptcy Lawyer
Bankruptcy Lawyer

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