Taking Responsibility

If you decide to file, I will do virtually all the work for you. However, the kind of person who files bankruptcy is someone who is responsible and ready to take control of their life. In the past, you may have made mistakes, or maybe just come across some bad luck. Either way, your relationship with me as your attorney is about your future...not your past.


Studies show that the most common reason for bankruptcy are:

  • unexpected unemployment
  • medical expenses 
  • divorce 
  • foreclosures  


No attorney can take responsibility for your life. I can only provide legal solutions. As your bankruptcy attorney, I cannot do all the work myself. We have to work together. Mainly, I will need you to provide me with accurate information for the filing paperwork. As a client, I need someone who wants to take control of their debt and life. If you are serious, I know that you will get me the accurate information I need to prepare your petition.


By calling an attorney, you're taking the first step in taking responsibility for your debts.. 

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Bankruptcy Lawyer
Bankruptcy Lawyer

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