Costs of Bankruptcy

Chapter 7: Normally, in a Chapter 7, unless I have quoted you otherwise, I will generally ask for a flat rate of $890 to cover all the services listed below (see sample contract below for more details). Occasionally, I will offer discounts, so you may have received a quote for another amount. If that is the case, you will need to pay the amount that was quoted. Normally, I will ask for an additional fee for a joint filing, which varies based on the complexity of the matter. 

* Normally, this is all that is required in a Chapter 7 filing. I do have payment programs offered to help those who need them.


1) I prepare your bankruptcy petition (which is normally around 60 pages long), go over it with you line-by-line, and file it with the Federal Bankruptcy Court on your behalf.

2) represent you in communications, negotiations, and potential adversarial situations with: 

- the bankruptcy Trustee that will be assigned to your case,

- the U.S. Department of Justice's bankruptcy department,

- the Bankruptcy Court

- any other Courts that the bankruptcy case will interact with, such as the state Common Pleas or Municipal Courts

- any creditors you or your spouse have - this includes your landlord, mortgage banks, and their lawyers

- I will also communicate with your associates and family (upon your request) if they need understanding of how your case will affect them

- your employer, which is particularly important if you have a wage garnishment issue

- the Sheriff's office, which is particularly important if you have a repossession or foreclosure involved

3) I will also personally accompany you to any meetings related to your case, including your required "341 meeting" with your case Trustee. I will give you a list of questions you will be asked in advance, go over them with you, and personally be there to help you during that meeting. Unlike other firms, I do not send other lawyers in my place who you have never met before.



Chapter 13: Normally, I determine Chapter 13 fees on a case-by-case basis. Call me directly for more information. 


Court Costs 

Chapter 7 court costs are $335 and Chapter 13 are $281. Normally, court costs do not have to be paid up front. The Court often will accommodate payment plans that give you four months to make full payment.


Click here for the Court's fee schedule.


Bankruptcy Sample Contract
This is a sample of what our contract will look like. It goes into the details of what you should expect from me and what I expect from you if you go forward with a bankruptcy with me as your attorney.
AAA - Bankruptcy Contract .pdf
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